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    April 25, 2016

    6 Ways to Freshen Up Your Worksite Wellness Health Fair

    Amie Hoffman, RD
    Founder and CEO, Wellness Concepts
    As a former foodservice director, Amie understands first hand the power nutrition and education have on a happy, healthy workforce. She's proud to provide innovative on-site, customizable and scalable corporate wellness programs for businesses of all sizes and locations.

    I have been involved with the coordination of health and well aware fairs for over 20 years and have seen it all. From biometric screenings and nutrition stations to bone density, benefits and even golf!

    Health Fairs typically follow a “formula." The “formula” not only drives your wellness culture but creates expectations from participants based on their experience and can drive engagement year to year. The “formula” provides a great baseline for resources and wellness related services and serves us well.

    Over the past few years I hear a common theme, “How can we add some more excitement and fun to our fair?” Below are Six Ways to Freshen up Your Health Fair with minimal cost and coordination.

    1. Add a Hydration Station - Think above and beyond the water cooler or general pitchers. Get creative! If you are not sure what to do, assign this task to someone who has a passion for cooking or creating drinks. The Hydration Station is simple. All you need are:

    1. A medium sized table
    2. A large water dispenser filled with sliced fruit of any type
    3. Copies of infused water recipes you are serving
    4. Cups and some healthy hydration information.

    This station can be “manned” by a Registered Dietitian or self-serve. A little goes a long way.

    2. Promote Local Produce: Walk the talk and promote local, farm fresh food. All around the country subscription based farm delivery services are popping up. Include information about these services along with some sample bags from local establishments. Set up a table decorated with fresh fruits and vegetables, recipes and provide information on signing up. We love Field Goods.

    3. Build a Book Nook Station - The Book Nook can serve as a Greeter Station at the entrance to the fair or a stand-alone resource station. All you need is a six foot table, 10-15 wellness related books, resources, raffle items and tickets, along with a little creative decorating and voila you have it! Be sure to include a handout detailing all of the items.

    3. Create a Health Fair Jeopardy Board or Wellness Wheel - Games are fun and create engagement amongst peers. For Jeopardy, all you need is a PowerPoint, A/V equipment and a little creativity. Wellness Concepts can provide the template or supply a full service station. Game wheels can be purchased online and are easy to create. Best practice is to run these stations by a benefits team member or a dietitian/wellness coordinator. The questions can include categories from nutrition and exercise to benefits. Include a raffle for correct answers.

    4. Healthy Food - Food goes a long way. You will find an increase in engagement if you add snacks along with education. If you have a foodservice operation in house order up fresh fruit, hummus, veggies and some healthy snack bags. If foodservice is not an option try ordering from Amazon, which is a quick and easy solution; they carry everything from Kind Bars to Terra Chips. Another great option is connecting with a local food establishment who would be willing to come onsite and provide samples of their healthy options. Wellness Concepts also provides Cooking Classes and Healthy Snack n’ Chats which can be delivered in a flow format or break out session.

    5. Decorate - In my opinion, a health fair should be planned like any big and fun party. Begin with balloons or colored tablecloths then tie in all of the stations with matching signage. Add some fresh flowers or potted herbs (great raffle prizes!) on tables or at the entrance. Decorating doesn't have to break the budget but often makes a big difference in the energy and excitement at the fair.

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