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    Wellness Concepts Engagement Platform

    Engage your employees with an accessible virtual hub for all your health & wellness programming.

    Evidence-based Health & Wellness Programs Available Anywhere

    Provide at-home, in-office, and hybrid employees with access to evidence-based programming delivered by our network of Health and Wellness professionals. Support both individual and group well-being with education and resources, directly connect employees from all locations, and foster a sense of community and support.


    Achieve Measurable Results

    Supercharge your progress. Rely on the WC Engagement Platform for engagement reports and participation metrics that motivate your employees and adapt your program approach. Satisfy corporate wellness requirements with a few easy steps.

    Virtual Health Fairs

    Provide at-home, in-office, and hybrid employees with access to evidence-based programming delivered by our network of Health and Wellness professionals. Support both individual and group well-being with education and resources, directly connect employees from all locations, and foster a sense of community and support.


    Live Mainstage Sessions Hear directly from wellness experts who speak to your company’s challenges and needs.
    Benefits Information Teach your employees about your company’s available benefits and resources, such as EAPs, health incentives, and more.
    Challenges and Prizes Engage participants with collaborative activities, challenges, and prizes that educate and entertain.
    Access to Resources Provide your employees with continued access to resources to support and foster healthy habits.

    more than


    Successful Health Fairs and Counting



    Repeat Bookings From 2022-2023



    Of Participants Surveyed Would Like To Participate In Another Virtual Health Fair

    Virtual Health Fairs
    Success Stories

    Wellness Concepts offers our clients a unique and robust Virtual Heath Fair experience! Thanks to the team’s professionalism and engaging platform, we have very satisfied clients and I will continue to showcase Wellness Concepts to my clients for future events.

    Chantel A Almkvist
    Health Management Consultant, Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist, Northeast | Marsh McLennan Agency

    Even after our client transitioned back to a hybrid workspace, they decided to offer a Virtual Fair, for a second time, because the format allowed for flexibility, engaging topics and speakers, as well as a personalized approach for viewing options. We will easily recommend the Wellness Concepts team to employers who look to support employee wellbeing and direct resources in an impactful manner!

    Sara Tarca
    Wellbeing Strategy Consultant | One Digital

    By maintaining and improving employee health we can also contain the costs of health insurance that impact our county budget. I am pleased to say that The Strive For Your Healthy Weight Challenge provided our employees with a great opportunity to learn healthy eating habits and reach their wellness and fitness goals.

    Colleen P. Morrone
    Vice Chairman | Delaware County Council


    Wellness Challenges

    Challenges are designed to provide participants with an engaging, educational and supportive program structure that facilitates sustainable behavior and lifestyle change. Our virtual, interactive, and flexible education modules are perfect for individuals with busy schedules. Our challenges are scalable and may be integrated with our fully customizable WC Engagement Platform. To maximize engagement and provide a FUN user experience, all challenges include weekly raffles and touch points such as “pop-up” challenges, blogging, recipes, menu planning, and more.

    Challenge Topics Include:

    Cooking Skills No matter the participants' skill level in the kitchen, this 30-Day Cooking Skills Challenge is designed to increase confidence and repertoire in the kitchen.
    Habit Change Explore the science and psychology behind habits – why we have them, what causes them, and why some habits are easier to adopt or break. Participants will then apply these principles to their own habit change.
    Healthy Eating A challenge guided by a registered dietitian that provides the tools and support required to eat healthfully and mindfully, leading to improved overall health and well-being.
    Mindfulness A challenge that builds mindfulness skills in order to lead a conscious, healthy lifestyle, in the office and at home.
    Nicotine-free Quitting is not easy, but the 30 Days to Becoming Nicotine-free Challenge provides a roadmap to success. Participants learn life-changing strategies leading to their best health and nicotine-free habits.
    Optimal Weight Fun, interactive, science-based education program leading to sustainable weight loss. Participants attend a series of educational seminars, personalized nutrition counseling sessions and receive weekly one-on-one support.
    Optimal Health Learn strategies for weight management and disease prevention. This challenge is a results-driven wellness model built on four key elements of disease prevention: nutrition, exercise, mindfulness, and stress management.
    Optimal Sleep Taught by an Integrative Sleep Medicine PhD, participants can win weekly raffle prizes and a grand prize. Better sleep impacts focus, concentration, and productivity.

    Step-up! Walking Challenges

    Challenge users to engage in a friendly competition to increase their overall activity levels and foster healthy lifestyle habits.

    Choose From 40 Challenges Keep the fun going week after week with a wide-array of challenges.
    Integrate With Activity Trackers Monitor progress and show off to friends.
    Leverage Our Smartphone App Easily participate, track progress, and celebrate milestones.

    Save up to


    annually in healthcare costs

    Active people have a


    reduced risk of becoming depressed

    Regular walkers use


    fewer sick days


    Wellness Concepts Engagement Platform

    Access all of your wellness programs with the Wellness Concepts Engagement Platform. Implement custom configurations and give employees and participants easy access to all of your health and wellness programming, resources, vendor relations, rewards, tracking, and more.

    Your Personalized Wellness Dashboard

    Customized Experience Curate your ideal platform for your wellness programming to keep your employees motivated and engaged.
    Communication and Scheduling Tools Keep users on track and up-to-date with advanced tools.
    Easy Resource Access Gain quick and direct access to blogs, virtual challenges, FAQs, videos, and more.
    Accountability Tools Perform daily check-ins, goal setting, rewards tracking, and reporting to keep participants committed to healthy change.

    Ready to create a culture of wellness?

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