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    August 9, 2016

    A Proven Process to Corporate Wellness Planning

    Amie Hoffman, RD
    Founder and CEO, Wellness Concepts
    As a former foodservice director, Amie understands first hand the power nutrition and education have on a happy, healthy workforce. She's proud to provide innovative on-site, customizable and scalable corporate wellness programs for businesses of all sizes and locations.

    Building a corporate wellness program is no easy task. We hear the same questions from our clients frequently. Where do I start? What types of wellness programs provide the best participation? How will I know if a particular program will be successful with my unique set of needs? Receive a complimentary Wellness Assessment to learn how you can create a stronger wellness program.

    ​Successful wellness programming is not a, “one size fits all” solution. With over 20 years of experience in the corporate wellness arena, Wellness Concepts has created and implemented numerous types of programs for clients in various industries, ranging in size from less than 100 people to several thousand people. From that experience, we have developed a proven approach to wellness planning.

    Working with each client individually, we utilize an important four-step process based on our 20 years of experience and industry best practices. This unique process (Evaluate, Design, Engage and Results) may seem simplistic. However, it is a critical part of clearly identifying what is needed for your unique situation so we can create a relevant, science-based, fun and engaging wellness program that yields results.

    Whether you are a small business just starting a wellness program or a global corporation striving to take your fully implemented wellness initiatives to the next level, Wellness Concepts and our nation-wide network of registered dietitians can help you navigate the waters so you can create a program that resonates with your employees and reaches the organization's goals.

    Click on the image to contact see the results of this proven planning process.


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