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    August 24, 2016

    5 Ways Health Fairs Increase Wellness Program Engagement

    Giselle Ginsberg, RD
    Director of Business Development, Wellness Concepts
    With a passion for nutrition and over a decade of experience designing and implementing large-scale corporate wellness programs, Giselle is the driver behind expanding Wellness Concepts' reach of best-in-class wellness programming. Giselle's greatest reward comes from witnessing individuals of all walks of life achieve greater wellness through the science-based nutrition programs she helps create.

    Health Fairs are a great opportunity to provide a fun event that helps engage employees in your entire corporate wellness program. As you begin planning your health fair, make sure to think strategically and offer a health fair that is not only educational and engaging, but one that also encourages participants to become part of your entire wellness program.

    Below are Five Proven Methods Health Fairs Can Increase Engagement in your year-long wellness program:

    • Communicate, communicate, communicate: It’s important to create excitement around your upcoming health fair and the wellness programs that will be offered throughout the year. An effective communication campaign simply needs a strong message that is 1) relatable, 2) accessible to everyone (print, email, etc.), and 3) communicated often.
    • Rewards Station: Try Wellness Jeopardy! Take this opportunity to inform or remind employees about the rewards that are tied to your wellness program components. Use a customized Jeopardy game to engage participants and ensure they leave with full knowledge about all the wellness programs and incentives that are available to them.
    • Offer Personalized Nutrition Counseling: Use 10-15 minute results-based nutrition counseling sessions to empower employees to improve their biometric numbers through simple changes in their diet and lifestyle. The dietitian can also speak to the wellness program offerings the client would benefit from the most.
    • Nutrition Awareness Station with Healthy Food Samples: This highly visual, interactive station offers participants relevant nutrition education, healthy food samples ( goes a long way at any wellness event!) and another opportunity to learn about your wellness program. A registered dietitian runs this station and (s)he can inform employees on all the resources and events available to them through your wellness program.
    • Build a Book Nook Station - This is a perfect station to serve as a Greeter Station at the entrance to the fair or a stand-alone resource station that also provides an opportunity to inform and remind your group about everything that is currently available to them through your wellness programs. All you need is a six-foot table, 10-15 wellness-related books, resources, raffle items and tickets, along with a little creative decorating. Be sure to include a handout detailing all of the items.

    Are you planning a fall health fair? Reach out to one of our Corporate Wellness Experts to learn more about these stations and how you can use your health fair to increase wellness program engagement throughout the entire year.

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