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    On-Demand Wellness Content

    Round out your wellness programming with convenient, à la carte content.


    Access Content At Your Convenience

    When life is busy, taking care of your body and mind can get pushed to the side — that’s why it’s so important your wellness program is flexible and adaptable to the reality of today’s employees. On-Demand videos from Wellness Concepts make it easy for users to foster sustainable, healthy change on their terms.

    How It Works

    It really is that easy

    Step 1: Browse & Purchase We have dozens of videos covering a wide range of health and wellness topics.
    Step 2: Receive & Distribute You will get marketing materials containing a video link to circulate within your team.
    Step 3: Watch Anywhere Your team can interact with flexible trainings as schedules allow.

    A Look Inside

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    Mental Health On-demand Microlearning Video Bundle

    Microlearning engages participants by using smaller and specific learning objectives. Our mental health-focused 1-2-minute videos provide participants with a toolkit to quickly and effectively manage stress, refocus, recharge, and feel better - 24/7! Topics include tapping, breathing techniques, positive self-talk, and more!

    Workplace Wellness
    Success Stories

    Our goal is to provide programs that maximize our members’ well-being across all dimensions of health, including physical, emotional, financial, and social. Wellness Concepts continues to amaze us by consistently providing a wide variety of current, relevant topics for our customers and executes these programs flawlessly!

    Laura York
    Senior Manager, Customer Solutions | Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts

    All of their programs are very creative, intuitive and educational. In particular, we’ve offered their nutrition stations at Wellness Fairs and employees loved the creative and fun ways with which they are able to educate through interactive displays of various topics.

    Paula McShane
    Assistant Vice President | Barclays

    Wellness Concepts offers our clients a unique and robust Virtual Heath Fair experience! Thanks to the team’s professionalism and engaging platform, we have very satisfied clients and I will continue to showcase Wellness Concepts to my clients for future events.

    Chantel A Almkvist
    Health Management Consultant, Certified Worksite Wellness Specialist, Northeast | Marsh McLennan Agency

    Adding On-Demand Video to Your Wellness Program?

    Drop us a line and one of our experts will work with you to design the perfect program to fit your needs.

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