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    November 7, 2022

    Healthy Happy Hour: Dips & Mocktails

    Toast the holidays with a mocktail party! Non-alcoholic cocktails have exploded in popularity over the last few years and for good reason they pack all of the flavor without the negative health effects of alcohol. In this recipe, fresh muddled strawberries provide a bonus Vitamin C boost. Pair with a lightened-up cannoli dip to indulge your sweet tooth! Download the handout for more dips and mocktails.

    Sparkling Strawberry Rosé – Serves 2


    • ½ cup fresh strawberries, hulled
    • 3 oz simple syrup
    • Seltzer or club soda
    • Pomegranate seeds and fresh strawberry slices, for garnish


    1. Muddle the strawberries in a shaker. Add the simple syrup and ½ cup ice. Shake vigorously for 15 seconds. Strain the liquid into champagne flutes and slowly pour in the seltzer to top. Garnish with pomegranate seeds and a fresh strawberry.


    Cannoli Dip – Serves 6


    • 1½ cups part-skim ricotta cheese
    • 2 tablespoons confectioners’ sugar
    • 2 tablespoons vanilla Greek yogurt
    • ½ teaspoon vanilla extract
    • ¼ teaspoon ground cinnamon
    • 1 teaspoon fresh orange zest (optional)
    • 2-3 tablespoons mini semi-sweet chocolate chips


    1. In a medium bowl, whisk together the ricotta cheese, confectioners’ sugar, and Greek yogurt (for a fluffier texture, use an electric whisk or mixer)

    2. Mix in the vanilla, cinnamon, and zest (if using) until well combined. Stir in the mini chocolate chips.

    3. Serve immediately or cover and refrigerate until ready to serve.

    Screen Shot 2022-11-07 at 2.48.38 PM

    Healthy Happy Hour: Dips & Mocktails

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