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    September 6, 2023

    Time Mastery & Self-care: Invest in Your Buckets

    Do you ever feel like your time is slipping away from you? It's time to prioritize what matters most. Use this worksheet adapted from our Time Mastery Virtual Health Fair Exhibit Booth help you make the most of your time . Download for a printable version of the worksheet.

    Investing energy in your four buckets helps you lead a whole, integrated life. This worksheet guides you through a process of getting clear on your priorities now and what you need to do to honor them.


    Step 1: What truly matters / fuels you in each of your buckets? Free write now.


    Congratulations for getting clear on your beautiful and important priorities! Now it’s time to clear the way for you to make regular contributions into your buckets.


    Step 2: What do you need to let go of / release to honor your priorities? This takes discipline and courage! Free write now.







    Step 3: Visual anchors and affirmations make a huge difference on your time mastery and self-care quest. What will be helpful for you to play with as you move forward? A few ideas are included below to get the creative juices flowing. Choose some from this list and/or create your own.








    Screen Shot 2023-09-06 at 11.02.34 AM

    Time Mastery & Self-care Handout

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