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    January 9, 2018

    Secrets to a Successful Health Fair

    It's no secret, we LOVE health fairs! Our comprehensive health fair services - from planning and promoting to execution and follow-up reporting - is definitely one of the biggest values we provide clients.  But, the success of our health fairs is not just in the service we provide, it is in the spirit and energy we bring to each and every event.  It's that "something extra" that keeps our clients coming back time and time again.

     "I wanted to take a minute to thank you for such a wonderful experience today. The feedback is that this was the best wellness fair we’ve had (and many have been very successful) and I am receiving a lot of positive feedback from CHD leadership. I sincerely appreciate all of your work and creativity to make this event so successful!" - Human Resources Director, CHD

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     If you're looking for a "little extra" to make your health fairs widely successful, we recommend focusing on these three key areas:

    1. ENERGY! - Health fairs are no longer brochure-laden tabletops in a circle with a few balloons and a blood pressure station. No, no! Health fairs are wellness parties! Full of energy, brightly colored and delicious tasting foods, one-on-one consultations, sampling stations, holistic wellness services and more. If you build a party atmosphere with timely topics, you're going to see results. Proof: take a peak at the photos below. Everything from the venue and staff to the decorations and communication was full of positive, fun, health-focused energy (Hover over photos with your mouse to see captions).

    2. Timely Topics - Wellness is a lot like fashion. There are the classic pieces you should always have in your closet (or health fair!) but it's the hip, happening, trending pieces that are going to create the excitement and interest. Blood pressure testing and biometric screenings  are important but adding some fun and innovation is too. Include acupuncture for managing headaches or aromatherapy to help reduce stress and you now have people flocking to the conference room to learn more.

    3. Expertise - Bring in the experts! Wellness Concepts, a team of Registered Dietitians and Wellness Professionals who have been executing proven, science-based wellness programming for over 15 years can provide a slum dunk, science based solution that is sure to maximize engagement and raise awareness.

    ​Have questions about your next health fair? We're ready and waiting to help you. Click on the button below and you can receive 10% off our health fair services! (Expires August 31, 2017)

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