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    August 3, 2022

    Master Meal Planning

    Mealtime can be stressful, so having a plan can help to limit stress around what to eat, what to cook, or what to buy. And after a long day of work, many people don’t feel like making MORE decisions like what to make for dinner that night, so having a plan provides a sense of comfort.

    Take the first steps for setting yourself up for meal success. Download the Weekly Meal Planner and Grocery List below and make a plan to create your meal plan.

    How to Use Your Meal Planner

    1. Determine if there are any major events happening each day that could impact meals including preparation times and dining home vs away from home.
      Consider: meetings, after work events, date nights, parties, travel
    2. Write out your meals for each day and the times you will consume them. Aim for a consistent schedule most days. The goal is to eat every 3-4 hours.
      Consider: utilizing leftovers or extras, what you already have available at home, cook time
    3. Snacks count too! Not every snack slot may be needed. It depends on your schedule, activity, and hunger levels.
    4. Use your plate as a guideline for planning meals and snacks: Mealtime Plate: ½ plate of veggies or fruits + veggies, ¼ plate protein, ¼ whole grain/starch Snack Sized Plate: ½ plate protein or healthy fat, ½ plate fruit, veggie, or whole grain/starch.
    5. Once your meals are planned, determine what items need to be purchased based on items already available in your home inventory and complete the Grocery List.
    6. Don't forget about exercise! Plan out your exercise days and times in advance.
    7. Share your plan with your family so you're all on the same page.
    8. Put your weekly planner somewhere visible where it can serve as a reminder and be communicated to your family.
    9. Create a tracking and non-food reward system to monitor your progress with following your plan.
    10. Write you plan in PENCIL - it's OK for things to change!

    Print a new plan and list each week to stay on track!

    Weekly Meal Planner & Grocery List Image

    Weekly Meal Planner & Grocery List

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