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    September 20, 2022

    Virtual Health Fair Presenter Spotlight: Joanna Read

    Our presenters are the heartbeat of the Virtual Health Fair. Read below for a Q&A with presenter Joanna Read to see the Virtual Health Fair through her eyes! You can also catch her on the Mainstage presenting Balance & BoundariesDe-stress ToolkitExtinguishing Burnout, Resiliency & Stress Management, and The Power of Positivity.


    What is your favorite part about being a Virtual Health Fair presenter?

    As a Yoga Teacher and Certified Professional Coach, I deeply enjoy sharing the neuroscience of mind/body connection, as well as facilitating experiences for individuals and groups to access greater levels of insight, perspective, and creativity within, further encouraging peaceful, harmonious, creative and innovative relating- within ourselves, and the world around us (relationally, organizationally, and beyond.)

    What do you hope participants take away from a Virtual Health Fair?

     My first wish for every participant is that they walk away with a sense of relatability to the content (i.e. seeing their own stories and experiences reflected within the information presented) as well as a sense of encouragement to take at least one small, inspired action in the direction of what they truly desire for their lives, no matter how small, today. I also wish that people walk away with an openness to being gentle with themselves as they play with the possibility of how allowing more joy and appreciation to be experienced in their day-to-day experiences can lead to unexpected gifts, great and small, and further encourage more of the same in the world around them.

    What is your favorite topic to present?

    As someone who deeply values presence and connection, I greatly enjoy De-stress Toolkit in that the interactive EFT (Tapping) exercise allows us take what we're learning about stress, and share in a real-time experience of getting into our bodies, getting into our breath, and allowing our stress levels to collectively lower through a shared experience. 

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