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    March 21, 2017

    5 Trending Health Fair Ideas

    Sometimes, the hardest part of Health Fair planning is getting started. Jump start your next Health Fair plans with a fun theme! We find themes really help get the creative ideas flowing while tying everything together in one cohesive event. Here are 5 Trending Health Fair Ideas we know your employees will love.

    1. Take Care of You! - It’s an old cliché but it couldn’t be truer - in order to care for others, we must first care for ourselves. One of the best ways to emphasize this point is by offering a Health Fair dedicated to the theme of Customized Wellness. If possible, create a “three-part-journey” through your Health Fair where an employee first takes an assessment survey, then receives biometric screenings - individualized blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, body mass index and triglyceride testing – and finally sits with a Registered Dietitian or other wellness expert to develop a Customized Wellness Plan.

    2. Stress Management – Stress is one of the leading causes of acute and chronic health problems in the U.S. Yet, most workplaces don’t have a formal stress management program for employees. Help your employees become more aware of their stress levels and sources of stress with a Health Fair completely dedicated to the topic. You can offer assessment surveys, stations on everything from workstation ergonomics and desk yoga to meditation and healthy sleep habits and aromatherapy.

    3. Tap into Wellness Technology – Today almost everyone is using some sort of technology to track his or her wellness. Whether it’s a Fitbit, heart rate monitor or a nutrition tracker app, technology has become an important part of wellness management. Help your employees reap the full benefits of these new tools by dedicating an entire Health Fair to wellness technology. Offer demonstrations on how to use a heart rate monitor or pedometer, provide a station on the top nutrition tracker apps and how to use them, or show off your new corporate wellness portal to help increase engagement.

    4. It Starts with Food – Many people are learning that the key to wellness begins with food. Good nutrition is a vital part of our long-term health and teaching employees how easy it is to cook with exciting ingredients is, perhaps, one of the best tools you can provide in your wellness programing. Options include: a display station with hand outs on in-season produce, a cooking demonstration on one of the latest food trends such as Global Flavors (a current Wellness Concepts offering), a nutrition lecture on the myths of popular diets, or a Wellness Jeopardy game on popular nutrition questions. You could also have a table dedicated to a local produce or CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) sign-up such as Field Goods.

    5. Seasonal Safety – Focusing a Health Fair theme around the season you’re in (winter, spring, summer, fall) is a practical and easy way to get creative and attract people to your event. Spring and summer Health Fairs could include topics such as: smart sunscreens for summer, bike and water safety, cooking with seasonal produce, and more.

    What themes have been huge hits with your employees? We'd love to hear what's been working in your wellness program. If you're needing help organizing your Health Fair, Wellness concepts offers a wide variety of services from complete Health Fair management to specific Health Fair stations.


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