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    October 29, 2021

    November 2021 Corporate Newsletter


    Contributed by Mandy Enright, MS, RDN, RYT

    The Season of Giving is almost here. While we continue to care of our families and ourselves during the pandemic, let’s try to think about ways we can help, connect, and give back to others during this time of year and all year long. Plus, did you know charity work can reduce stress and increase positivity?

    There are various ways you can give back, whether it be your time through volunteering or making donations of items or money. And while you are welcome to choose to give gratitude individually, consider hosting a donation drive as a company for boosting employee morale and raising holiday spirits.

    Here are some ideas of ways to give back this holiday season. We are sharing national organizations in this list, but use this as a starting point to look for local options in your community as well.

    Food Banks, Food Pantries, and Community Kitchens

    Are there items in your pantry that have been around since that start of the pandemic – or potentially even before? This also goes for unopened freezer items. If you truly do not feel you will use these items, consider donating them. Many people can benefit from those food items you’re not using. And yes, you can donate expired nonperishable food items if the packages or cans do not appear damaged or harmful in any way.

    If you don’t have food items to donate, consider donating your time. All those donations need to be sorted, organized, and delivered to the community. You can also step into the kitchen to help cook, serve, or clean at a community kitchen.

    Or simply making a monetary donation can help bring meals to individuals and families. In addition to national organizations, check out local houses of worship, hospitals, and grocery stores for local options.

    Some organizations to consider:

    Clothing Donations and Professional Training

    If you’re working from home full or part time, chances are there’s a lot of business attire sitting in your closet going unworn. If you have gently used professional attire, including shoes, that you don’t intend on wearing anytime in the immediate future, consider donating those items to those who are looking for opportunities to enter (or re-enter) the workforce.

    Many of these organizations also look for volunteers and corporations that can provide job training, employment services, or simply serve as a mentor.

    Some organizations to consider: 

    Household Items

    Did you do some home renovations during the pandemic or simply took time to clean out those closets, drawers, playrooms and more? Donate your gently used household items including clothing, bedding, kitchen appliances, toys and décor to organizations where others can give your items a new home. Some organizations may also accept large furniture donations.

    While many organizations may require you to drop off items at their donation sites, some do come to your home to pick up your donation.

    Some organizations to consider:

    Holiday Toy & Gift Donations

    Every kid deserves to unwrap a gift during the holidays. In addition to national organizations, check out local toy drives or giving tree events being held at schools, grocery stores, houses of worship, hospitals, and shelters.

    Some organizations to consider:

    If you already have an organization you support, then we encourage you to continue your efforts. 

    Tips for Getting Started

    Need help getting started or want to find the best organization to support?

    Visit the following sites to find a nonprofit that aligns with your passions, values, and ensures the greatest percentage of your donation goes to the intended audience.


    How will you give the gift of gratitude this holiday season?


    Mandy Enright MS, RDN, RYT, is a Registered Dietitian, Yoga Instructor, and Corporate Wellness Expert, as well as main content contributor for Wellness Concepts. Mandy is a featured presenter, both virtually and onsite near her home in Neptune, NJ.



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