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    May 29, 2018

    May 2018 Corporate Wellness Newsletter

    The Mediterranean meal plan has long been admired as a tasty, healthful meal plan conducive to weight loss. Recently, however, there's been evidence to suggest that the Mediterranean Meal Plan provides a variety of additional health benefits. We're excited to share these findings with you in our Corporate Wellness Newsletter for May 2018.

    This newsletter is full of information and resources to build your wellness initiative through a tried and true, healthful meal plan: The Mediterranean Diet! Download our free Mediterranean inspired healthy eating handout to share with and motivate your employees, and check out the new programs we've developed to help you make a lasting impact.

    To learn more about our new programs and how you can incorporate the Mediterranean Meal plan within your wellness initiative, give us a call at 413-591-6729 or contact us today. Enjoy!

    Be Well,
    Amie & The Wellness Concepts Team


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