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    January 14, 2019

    January 2019 Corporate Wellness Newsletter

    January 2019 - As we know, each new year brings with it a series of forecasted trends that are expected to make our lives better, healthier, and easier. For 2018, it was predicted that social media addiction – and its consequential effect on our mental health – would be a top conversation for wellness and technology innovators. So, in response, mental health organizations and holistic retreat centers began integrating more forms of treatment to help people disconnect from the social stratosphere. Apps like Calm and Headspace gained popularity as daily meditative tools, and ‘float spas’ have popped up everywhere. But if the movements of 2018 weren’t exciting enough, then 2019 will certainly grab your attention with the list of innovative wellness trends set to take the stage. We’ve done the research for you and wanted to provide you with our own list of Health Coach and Registered Dietitian-approved and vetted trends to check out in the new year.

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