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    February 6, 2019

    February 2019 Corporate Wellness Newsletter

    February 2019 - Why is what to eat so confusing? Seemingly opposite diets claim the scientific high ground. Science constantly evolves as we sift what’s true from what is not. Nutritional science is no exception.

    The reason for the range of diets popular today may be found in our genes, and in genetic individuality. Each of the many diets you hear about may be ideal…for someone, based at least in part by their genetics. None of them, however, works for everyone. Different diets can have widely different effects from person to person. When you compare diets, the level of evidence tells you if the diet will do what it claims. Many diets today have flimsy science behind them, while a couple have strong
    evidence that they work.

    Here are two popular diets currently dominating the airwaves. We give you the scoop on what these diets are, the pros, the cons and our advice if they are likely to lead to a healthier future for you.


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