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    April 2, 2018

    Survey Shows Strive Engagement Portal Drives Results

    It's time to try Wellness Concepts' solution to bridge the gap

    We say it around the office all the time, ‘the Strive Challenges Rock!’ but we knew we needed to prove it so, we decided to take it upon ourselves to do exactly that. Hot off the press and straight to the point, a recent SEP survey evaluates what employees thought of the Strive Engagement Portal (SEP), what they specifically liked best and what they wanted to see more of. And well, the results speak for themselves!

    • 97% of participants answered that they were somewhat or very satisfied with the educational content provided through the SEP
    • 88% of participants answered that they felt engaged in bettering their health and wellness through the SEP

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    Two great options: Annual Solution saves money, 30-Day option provides flexibility

    The Strive Portal's purpose is to educate, engage and empower your employees to make sustainable habit changes that will lead towards a healthier lifestyle. Whether you're looking for an annual solution to house your entire wellness initiative, or a supplemental challenge to get your employees motivated, the Strive Portal has just what you need to help your employees succeed. What's more, clients on the Strive Portal can now enjoy the option to bundle two or more challenges together to create their own annual solution; and with new 30-Day Challenges in Sleep, Financial Fitness and Mindfulness, the SEP brings new meaning to holistic wellness.

    The benefits of Strive don't end here. Continue reading below to learn about more great reasons to empower your employees with Strive.

    Fresh, Never Frozen Programs: 
    You read that right. With Strive, you won't get an outdated program that’s been sitting on the tippy-top shelf for the last few years. Instead, you’ll get a fresh, relevant program led by a new or known and loved health professional; posting weekly blogs, engaging in participant comments and holding weekly webinars, your health professional is never out of reach.

    A Holistic Approach - Way More Than Just Weight Loss:
    Achieving Optimal Health and Wellness is a journey. A journey, might we add, that’s riddled with twists and turns. One day, your client’s primary wellness focus could be eating a healthy diet. Three months down the road, they might be evaluating sleep patterns and wondering, ’Where do we even begin?’ Whatever your wellness journey may hold, we can help.

    Science-Based Resources:
    Every program aboard the SEP comes complete with the resources you need to live healthfully through your program’s specific focus. If you’re looking for that total comprehensive approach we mentioned earlier, the Annual Solution might be for you. Complete with educational resources for healthy eating, best sleep practices, financial well-being and mindfulness practices; Your personal library awaits for when you’re in need of tips and tricks that you can trust.

    Are You Going to Finish That?
    While we LOVE wellness planning, we know it can seem like a lot of work. Let us take it off of your plate! Programs on the Strive Portal come with complete administrative and IT support for your coordinating HR Representative and participating employees. From finding the right program to fit your population to logistics, marketing, implementation and follow-up recommendations, we’ve got you covered.

    On a Budget?
    We get it! That’s why we have solutions to fit all types of budgets and populations. Take the Strive Engagement Portal for a spin with one of our 30-Day Challenges or bundle two challenges together to create your own annual solution. Whatever your budget and timeline looks like, the Strive Portal can be scaled to accommodate your needs.

    Join Us For a Webinar
    Don’t just take it from us, see for yourself! Join us for a webinar on May 29th at 12pm EST to learn more about what the Strive Portal can do for you.

    If you're interested in getting your challenge on the books, email or call us today at 413-591-6729.

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